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Far            oil on linen            36" x 48"  x 2"     museum wrapped, unframed    3450.00

Painting Classes

Milestones     oil on linen      47" x 24" x 2"  shadow box framed   2250.00

Beautiful Spain   oil on linen    shadow box framed   24" x 36"    1700.00

Generations   oil on linen    shadow box framed    24" x 36"     1700.00

OUT OF THE SILENCE  oil on linen  shadow box framed   36" x24" x 2"      1700.00 

Original oil paintings for sale by the artist, Mary Bruns.  Each oil painting is done in a glaze over method as the Old Masters did.  At no time are transfers ever done.

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Mary  Bruns       realist oil paintings

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Homesick                oil on linen              36" x 48"        3450.00

You Only Live Once and This Could Be the Once    oil on linen   museum wrap(no frame)    48" x 60" x 2"     5760.00